We offer:

Enviromental Acoustic

We specialize in environmental acoustics, including:

  • Noise maps
  • Noise Protection Programs
  • Post-execution analyzes
  • Analyzes of noise emission to the environment
  • Designs of acoustic screens for roads, railways
  • Noise monitoring of airports, roads, railways and industry

Noise Maps

We make noise maps e.g. for:

  • cities
  • roads
  • railways
  • airports

Architectural Acoustic

We carry out the following measurements and projects in the field of architectural acoustics:

  • Reverberation time measurements
  • Speech intelligibility measurements
  • Concert and entertainment halls acoustic projects
  • Offices, cinemas and classrooms acoustic projects
  • Acoustic projects of any other rooms that require acoustic adaptation

Construction Acoustic

Świadczymy następujące usługi z zakresu akustyki budowlanej:

  • Airborne sound insulation measurements of walls and ceilings
  • Impact noise insulation measurements
  • Acoustic operats
  • Determining the minimum insulation of facades and their elements

Acredited Measurements

We perform measurements in the field of environmental, industrial, architectural, construction and vibroacoustics. Check the details in Laboratory

Noise Monitoring

We conduct both constant and periodic noise monitoring:

  • aircraft
  • road
  • tram
  • rail
  • industrial

Acoustic Audit

We offer a comprehensive acoustic audit in the field of building acoustics in the process of environmental decisions

IT & Industrial Acoustic

We also offer:

  • Acoustic analyzes for industrial plants
  • Designs of acoustic screens for industrial plants 
  • Measurements of the sound power level of industrial devices
  • Measurements of the sound level of industrial devices
  • Measurements of the sound power level of telecommunication equipment
  • Measurements of the sound level of telecommunication equipment